15 Awesome Benefits of Mandarin Oranges in your Child’s Diet


Rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, they don’t spike blood sugar, hydrate the body and better option than fruit juice, help kids fight infections, source of fibre, brain development are some of the health benefits of mandarin oranges in your child’s diet.

Getting your kids to eat proper nutritious foods isn’t an easy task. But kids surely don’t deny eating juicy tasty fruits. These juicy treats can satisfy their sweet tooth and also provide them essential nutrients. Oranges are delicious and healthy as well. They provide vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that kids’ growing bodies need.

The mandarin orange (also known as the mandarin or mandarine) is a small citrus tree bearing fruit that resembles other oranges. They are usually eaten plain or added into fruit salads. Reddish-orange mandarin cultivars are marketed as tangerines, but this is not a botanical classification. Mandarin oranges are tender and can be damaged easily by cold. These are generally grown in tropical and subtropical areas.

Calories: A medium-sized mandarin orange that is 2 1/2 inches in diameter provides approximately 45 calories.

You can never go wrong by adding citrus fruits in your kid’s diet. Here are certain reasons why you should include mandarin oranges in your kid’s diet.

15 Amazing Benefits of Mandarin Orange for Babies

mandarin orange


Rich in vitamin C

Citrus fruits are famous for being high in vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant. Of all citrus fruits, oranges have the most amount of vitamin C per gram. An average orange (about 3 inches in diameter) has 150 percent of daily recommended intake of vitamin C. A little orange can cover up 60 percent of kids’ daily needs of vitamin c.

Vitamin C is important for a various reasons; specifically it helps in boosting immunity, which can help to defend against colds and flu. It helps in collagen synthesis, so it promotes healthy skin and helps the tissue regeneration. Since vitamin C is water soluble, you never have to worry about your kids getting too much of it. They’ll just pee out whatever their bodies get in extra.

They’re full of flavonoids

Along with the many macronutrients present in mandarin oranges, they are packed with 50 different flavonoids. These are plant compounds which are potent antioxidants that control inflammation, protect against cancer, and safeguard the brain of kids. Flavonoids also keep heart healthy by lowering down bad cholesterol, steadying blood glucose and lowering triglycerides.

They don’t spike blood sugar

Unlike other sugary treats which raise up kids’ blood sugar levels, fresh fruit like citrus satisfy their sweet tooth without causing harm. These fruits take longer for the body to digest than processed sweets due to high amount of fibre, so the sugar is absorbed at a slow rate keeping children’s blood glucose level balanced. It lowers their risk of unnecessary weight gain and other heart problems.

They hydrate the body

It’s important to keep your kids hydrated all the time; it’s not possible to run behind them with a water bottle in hand to make them drink water timely. Citrus fruits can help you with this since most are about 90 percent water and kids will prefer juicy fruits over plain water. Also, fruit-infused water is a fantastic way to replace fruit juice and soda.

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Better option than fruit juice

Since whole citrus fruits are packed of nutrition.  Juice does not have the filling fiber that whole fruit does. There may be healthful compounds in whole fruits that we don’t even know about yet, so turning citrus into juice may be oversimplifying

Help kids fight infections

Mandarin oranges have 87 percent of the vitamin C daily requirements of the body. Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant that helps the body to develop resistance against infectious agents and free radicals in the body.

Loaded with fibre

They are a great source of fibre. Fibre can help prevent constipation, making kid’s bowel movement easier to control. An average mandarin orange contains 3.5 grams of dietary fibre in it.

Mandarin oranges can help their brain development

Mandarin oranges contain components such as potassium, folate, and various antioxidants. These are known to provide neurological benefits to kids. Potassium increase blood flow to the brain and enhance cognition, concentration, and neural activity.

Also, mandarin oranges are loaded with vitamin B6.

Treats Anaemia

The Vitamin C content in the oranges helps to absorb iron, which raise the haemoglobin count in blood, and prevents anaemia. Give your child a glass of fresh orange juice regularly to help him maintain a healthy haemoglobin count


Alleviates Mumps

Mumps is a contagious disease that spreads among the children quickly. Including fresh oranges in their diet can help them get rid of the discomfort resulting due to mumps quickly.

Provides oral care

Vitamin C in oranges plays a vital role in producing collagen in your kid’s body. Collagen is an important component of bones, tendons, blood vessels, and ligaments. Vitamin C deficiency can make your child suffer from symptoms of scurvy, gum bleeding, tooth loss and pain in the joints. Give your kids fresh orange slices can serve as a natural and effective solution for eliminating the symptoms of scurvy

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Treats Constipation

The consumption of mandarin oranges can be helpful in preventing or treating constipation. You can give your kid fruit salads containing slices of oranges to help them with constipation.

Heals Wounds effectively

Mandarin oil (extracted from mandarins) is found to be helpful in growing new cells and tissues of the body. This will help in healing wounds much faster.

Blood Pressure

Also kids suffer from the problem of blood pressure due to changed lifestyle Mandarins consist of nutrients and minerals like potassium that helps lower the blood pressure.


A cure for Rickets

Children can easily get affected to rickets as their bones are weak and soft. Mandarin oranges are excellent source of minerals, such as calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and copper, all these helps to prevent the risk of development of rickets in kids. Drinking orange juice every day is a great cure for symptoms of rickets and other possible disorders in children.

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Mandarin Oranges Nutrition Facts

Check out in detail the nutritional value of mandarin oranges.

PrincipleNutrient ValuePercentage of RDA
Energy53 Kcal2.5%
Carbohydrates13.34 g10%
Protein0.81 g1.5%
Total Fat0.31 g1%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber1.8 g5%
Folates16 µg4%
Niacin0.376 mg2.5%
Pantothenic acid0.216 mg4%
Pyridoxine0.078 mg6%
Riboflavin0.036 mg3%
Thiamin0.058 mg5%
Vitamin C26.7 mg44%
Vitamin A681 IU23%
Vitamin E0.20 mg1%
Vitamin K0 µg0%
Sodium2 mg<0.5%
Potassium166 mg3.5%
Calcium37 mg4%
Copper42 µg4.5%
Iron0.15 mg2%
Magnesium12 mg3%
Manganese0.039 mg1.5%
Zinc0.07 mg<1%
Carotene-β155 µg
Carotene-α101 µg
Crypto-xanthin-β407 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin138 µg
Lycopene0 µg

Add delicious mandarin oranges in your kid’s diet, they will love to eat them. They are tasty and healthy as well.

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